Child Protection Policy

Initial Child Protection Trainings are held numerous times during the course of the year.  Office of Child Protection

All adults 18 years of age, who work with children, must be in compliance with this diocesan policy.

"The Diocese is committed to preventing child abuse before it occurs and to identifying child abuse once it has occurred. By raising the awareness and understanding of abuse issues among priests, deacons, religious men and women, employees, contract workers, volunteers and other adults who work with or have substantial contact with children under the care of a parish, school or agency and by increasing their knowledge and ability to deal effectively with child abuse issues once they arise, risks to child safety can be greatly reduced. By educating children on how to be safe and stay safe, the Diocese will enhance the ability of children to protect themselves and encourage an environment that allows children to communicate any potential endangerment."

 An Annual Online Renewal is required to continue in any youth related ministry


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